Joe Rouse

Mr. Brown,

You recently asked me for an estimate on the number of units needed should Caltrans wish to utilize the “dtect” camera system.

Through an earlier, unrelated assessment, we identified just under 1700 locations across the state where we conduct counts of HOV occupancy. Working off the assumption that each location covers 2 directions, we would be looking at approximately 3400 units. The conversion of some facilities to high-occupancy toll (HOT) operations may require additional units on some corridors. For this reason, I would say perhaps an additional 600 units would be needed, bringing the total to approximately 4000 units.


Joe Rouse, P.E.
Statewide Functional Manager – HOV, Express Lanes, Park and Ride
Caltrans Traffic Operations

Joe Rouse
Statewide Functional Manager - HOV, Express Lanes, Park and Ride

Professor Arthur MacCarley

Indeed, “Holy Grail of Detection” were my unprompted words to describe the HOV detection application, since it has defied the attempts of other researchers in the field for over thirty years.”

Professor Arthur MacCarley
Ph.D., P.E., Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, California